A non-profit Christian ministry.
Reaching the military community stationed at Hill Air Force Base, Utah

If you are an airman at Hill Air Force Base:

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What is Stride?

We provide commiunity, mentoring, discipleship, and outreach to the military stationed at Hill Air Force Base, which is about 30 minutes north of Salt Lake City, Utah.

Why the military?

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The military is it’s own unique subculture. It’s diverse, people serving from all over this nation. We know the language they use and how to ask the right questions to build deep relationships.

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Many who serve in the  military do not have any religious background, or have walked away from faith during their time in training. We encourage (but do not  pressure) our airmen to take bold steps in faith.

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Many military servicemen and women are in a transition stage; no longer a kid but learning how to be an adult. Making wise decisions here will impact the remainder of their lives.

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Being a new airman to a new base can be quite a lonely experience. Many spend hours on end watching movies or playing video games alone in thier dorm. We want airmen to develop lifelong friendships!

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Eating a homecooked meal, and snuggling up next to a dog on the couch are luxuries many of our airmen do not get to experience much. We hope to help them feel at home as much as possible. Each Friday we host a home cooked meal and Bible study.

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Our modern culture teaches just about anything on youtube, but we want to come alongside airmen and teach them real skills and wisdom to help them mature as an adult. This could be anything from teaching them how to change their car’s oil, to reading a book of the Bible together.

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Getting stationed in Utah has it’s perks! We have five of the most famous national parks and tons of winter snowsports nearby. Airman are typically open to trying new things, and we provide many opportunities to do so. Our adventures provide time for rich conversations about Jesus.

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We are often saying goodbye to members of our community; sometimes for 6 month deployments and sometimes permanent goodbyes. It’s exciting to “commision” our people to share the gospel of Christ wherever the military sends them!